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At RCS, our first goal is to design a strategic plan on an overall approach to meeting your case strategies.  Through this process, we identify key take aways that the trier-of-fact would need to know in order to make a decision in your favor.


Persuasive demonstratives are critical to making it easier for your arguments to be understood by someone unfamiliar with the issues in your case.  RCS helps become the translator between legal talk and simpler concepts that are easier to understand by the average person.


RCS consultants support your technology and presentation needs both in and out of the courtroom. We are one of the most experienced onsite trial teams in the country having involvement in over 1,000 cases.

Courtroom Presentation

Bring your case to life with quick on-the-fly presentations of all your evidence

Trial Graphics

Tell the most effective story that leads the trier of fact to the outcome you desire by using persuasive visuals

Courtroom Equipment

Setting up a courtroom is an essential component of an effective presentation which can have no margin of error

Electronic Briefs

Making your briefs interactive is a superior way to quickly lead a judge to the key evidence and helping you win

Exhibit Management

We manage all your exhibits using custom tools to take the burden of ever changing exhibits and marking them with stickers a breeze for your team

War Room Setup

Our team can help you with your war room setup anywhere in the country.  From printers/copiers to network configuration, we know how to get you setup and keep you up

"Our approach is simple – work on good cases for good clients and have fun doing it."

- Rob Rosenberg, President